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Joy at the End of the Tether

Joy at the End of the Tether
Joy at the End of the Tether
Item Nbr.: E-108
Publisher: Canon Press
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Joy at the End of the Tether: The Inscrutable Wisdom of Ecclesiastes

In this lively reading of Ecclesiastes, Doug Wilson reveals its powerful lessons of vanity, joy, celebration, and the sovereignty of God. This is a great book, so we can't figure out why it hasn't sold better--especially since it was Doug's favorite to write.

"Most Christians view the book of Ecclesiastes as an enigma, a puzzle from which we might draw a few aphorisms but little else. Douglas Wilson's fresh, lucid treatment of this wonderful book enables us to see that its message is not a confused riddle but an incisive indictment of the wisdom of this world."
--Steve Wilkins, pastor of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Louisiana
ISBN-10: 1885767501
ISBN-13: 9781885767509
Pages/Media: 128
Dimensions: 5.5x8.5
Author: Douglas Wilson
Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Language: English

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"Keeping covenant theology in balance"

JD Lollar on 10/19/2011 12:15:25 AM


Comments: Just as the subtitle declares, this fun, 112-page guide book takes you through the Preacher's presentation of the "inscrutable wisdom of Ecclesiastes." It is an illuminating exegesis of scripture's indictment of modern, humanistic, rationalistic "wisdom," and our inability to fully understand God's design and plan. This is a great book for anyone struggling with frustrations in an immensely complex universe which is not always a zero-sum game, or for those who simply delight in biblical apologet... More details

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