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Plowing in Hope

Plowing in Hope
Plowing in Hope
Item Nbr.: I-102
Publisher: Canon Press
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Plowing in Hope:
Toward a Biblical Theology of Culture

Culture is a continuing, forward process--the gradual unveiling of truth as life. But often we get ensnarled. We can only imagine culture as a war, a gritty ideological and religious struggle where every arena is bloody with strife: art, philosophy, cuisine, music, literature, science. But at its foundation, culture is about building, not conflict. The time has come for us to beat our swords into plowshares. By realizing the Bible's vision for a cultivated earth, we can build a more comprehensive, radical, holistic culture, resistant to compromise and dedicated to a Trinitarian aesthetic. What does this culture look like? It is the development of the earth into a global fabric of gardens and cities in harmony with nature--a glorious garden-city. Plowing in Hope provides a positive, clear, and colorful introduction to this transformational topic.

"David Hegeman's approach is refreshingly different. He maps out a positive theology of culture building rooted in Creation and extending into the New Jerusalem. His wonderful little book, based on sound Biblical exegesis, presents a compelling case for why and how we should build a culture that magnifies God and ennobles men."
--David Ayers, Grove City College, Pennsylvania

ISBN-10: 1591280494
ISBN-13: 9781591280491
Pages/Media: 128
Dimensions: 6x9
Author: David E. Hegeman
Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Language: English
David Hegeman resides in Newburg, Oregon with his wife and four children.  He works as a librarian and dabbles in watercolor. Visit his blog at 

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"The Telos of Christian Culture"

John Caneday on 8/2/2012 2:09:06 PM


Comments: This is a good, short book on culture. The first portions of the book are nothing remarkable, but it is the last few chapters when Hegeman makes this book worth reading. Essentially he argues that Christians should establish their own culture, a competitive culture to the pagan culture around us. Though he does not believe we should engage in "culture wars" where we seek to work to redeem or "Christianize" pagan culture. What is called for is a strong and vibrant culture established via biblical... More details

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