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A Welcome Shore

A Welcome Shore
A Welcome Shore
Item Nbr.: Q-116
Publisher: Canon Press
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A Welcome Shore
Foreword by Luci Shaw

Praise for A Welcome Shore:

I am generally of two minds about prose poems since they so often lack the virtues I most prize in both media. But Suzanne Underwood Rhodes' new collection combines the evocation and intensity of poetry with the psychological acuity and narrative force of prose. These interlocked personal meditations create a book worth pondering.
-Dana Gioia, former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

It is an ongoing wonder when a writer is able to infuse her prose with such poetic quality and tenderness that each piece becomes a poem in itself. Suzanne Rhodes has this magical facility of seeing to the heart of things.
-Luci Shaw, author, writer in residence, Regent College

Suzanne Rhodes’s A Welcome Shore offers us the incandescent landscape of life in the cup of God’s hand. Unlike soul-baring efforts, which are often flawed, this collection of vignettes and poetic essays is a soul-setting endeavor, where the soul reveals itself, as Emily Dickinson might say, “aslant”: a pool in a creative hollow. With language that is as clean and deep as an unpolluted ocean, and with eyes open to the dark passages we must all walk through in search of our own luminous window, Rhodes invites us into a world of signs and wonders, of waxwings, mermaid tears, and seasons mixed with myrrh. No one who follows her will return empty-handed; A Welcome Shore brims with grace.
-Sofia M. Starnes, author of Commerce of Moments and Corpus Homini: A Poem for Single Flesh

In A Welcome Shore, poet Suzanne Rhodes confronts the painful realities of loss and shame with bracing honesty. At the same time, the lyrical, evocative meditations that comprise this book suggest that even in the midst of grief, something beautiful and transcendent can wash up on the shore in front of us—if we have the eyes to see it. Treat this book the same way: as a small treasure you bring home to enrich your life.
-Gregory Wolfe, editor of Image and writer in residence, Seattle Pacific University

ISBN-10: 1591280745
ISBN-13: 9781591280743
Pages/Media: 126
Dimensions: 5.5x8.5
Author: Suzanne Underwood Rhodes
Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Language: English

Suzanne Underwood Rhodes is a widely published poet, author, and teacher. Her poetry collections include What a Light Thing, This Stone and Weather of the House (Sow's Ear Press). 

She has also written a collection of prose meditations on everyday life, Sketches of Home, as well as a guide for student poets, The Roar on the Other Side (Canon Press). She serves full-time as the director of public affairs for Angel Flight, a nonprofit charitable organization.

Suzanne lives with her husband Wayne in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They enjoy hiking and riding bikes in the beautiful land and waterscapes that provide subjects for Wayne’s photographs and Suzanne’s poems. Together, they have five grown children and three grandchildren.

Please visit Suzanne online to read more of her writing and poetry.

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